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3 Common Types of AC Repair from Our Hinsdale, IL Cooling Service

April 8, 2016

There’s lots of talk these days arguing in favor of air conditioner replacement rather than repair. Our Hinsdale, IL cooling service does employ technicians skilled at fixing common problems. Any part that’s not working optimally will impact efficiency. We know that first hand and a service call and repair is often the answer to a homeowner’s A/C woes.

Spring is a good time to at least have your air conditioner checked. You don’t want to be stuck with a breakdown in the summer. The right repair will keep you and your family comfortable even as the outside temperatures rise. Here are three common repairs we can do to keep your air conditioner running at top performance.

  • Fans: The evaporator fan and condenser fan constantly run as your air conditioner is on. A technician can replace one or both fans if the blades become bent or loose. You might experience problems with motors or belts, which are replaceable as well. The fan parts are important because the evaporator fan, or blower, moves cool air into your ducts, while the condenser fan removes the interior heat.
  • Leaks: Air conditioner owners are not strangers to refrigerant leaks. These happen often. Our Hinsdale, IL cooling service professionals have the tools and expertise to find these leaks. If these go unchecked, there will be less refrigerant in the system; this can lead to many more problems. The best bet is to have the leak found and fixed. It will save you a lot of money down the road.
  • Compressors: The compressor is an air conditioner part that has a high demand. Fixing one is something best left to a certified professional. It pressurizes refrigerant to release heat. The compressor is actually a complex assembly including a motor, electrical wiring, and a configuration allowing refrigerant to run through it. Replacing this part is a big job, but our technicians have been extensively trained in this area and if a repair is the chosen option, then they’ll get your A/C running like new again.

These are very common issues our technicians see during service calls. If you suspect a leak, fan, or compressor problem in your air conditioner, contact Precision Plumbing today for a Hinsdale, IL cooling service that can extend the operating life of your system at a reasonable cost.