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3 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Improve Lemont Heating & Air

September 15, 2015

Your furnace plays a big role in Lemont heating & air, which is why it’s important to take the proper steps in maintaining it. While your furnace is primarily used to heat your home, it’s often overlooked in how it manages to maintain a high level of indoor air quality. It’s particularly important in the colder months of the year to keep breathable air in your home that keeps everyone healthy. The fall and winter months bring with them a higher risk of cold and flu along with freezing temperatures, and healthy indoor air will help keep everyone in your family, especially young children, from catching any seasonal bugs.

Precision wants you to enjoy the benefits of your furnace even more by offering furnace maintenance service to help you get the most out of your home’s heating system. Our furnace experts can help you avoid the possibility of experiencing higher monthly utility bills and frigid winters without proper heating. However, there also a hew maintenance tips for homeowners to follow so they can extend the lifespan of your furnace so it supplies you and your family with heat for a long time to come.

Lemont Heating & Air: 3 Simple Tips for Homeowners

  1. Use a Vacuum: Sometimes the filters in your furnace can’t filter out everything, and dust, dirt, and debris will pass through to negatively impact your Lemont heating & air. Vacuuming in and around your furnace can keep it clean and free of any debris that can make it dangerous to breathe. However, before you vacuum, make sure to turn off the furnace so you don’t experiencing burns and other physical injuries.
  2. Replace Furnace Filters: Your furnace filters can be incredibly effective in keeping a steady of flow of healthy, breathable warm air in your home. But they must be replaced every now and then in order to preserve a high level of Lemont heating & air. While furnace filters can still work even when they’re dirty, it’s good to replace them to keep heating at the highest quality.
  3. Lubricate Moving Parts: The moving parts in your furnace may become stuck and create friction, hindering the overall performance of your furnace and resulting in a higher risk of electrical fire. Lubricate the moving parts, but only after turning off the furnace to avoid harming yourself.

Contact Precision today for more furnace maintenance tips on how to improve Lemont heating & air this fall and winter!