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3 Reasons You Need Humidification for Elmhurst Heating & Air

September 8, 2015

Humidification plays a huge factor in Elmhurst heating & air, especially as we quickly approach the fall and winter season. In addition to snowfall and the eventual snow shoveling, the colder months bring with them dry, frigid air that can result in dry, nasal passages, sore throats, and skin irritation. In fact, if air humidity levels in your home are below 30%, it can create an unhealthy environment and even trigger respiratory problems. But it’s not just you; wooden furniture and paper belongings also feel the wrath of dry air.

This makes humidification all the more important in your home if you want quality Elmhurst heating & air, which is why Precision specializes in improving indoor air quality. Whole home humidifiers installed by our licensed technicians can provide refreshingly moist air to combat uncomfortable dryness. Get improve comfort with us now, because a happy home is a humidified home.

Elmhurst Heating & Air: 3 Reasons for Humidification

If you go without humidification long enough, it can really make life miserable in your Elmhurst home, so here’s 3 reasons why you should seek it out:

  1. Improved Health: Have you ever experienced dry skin due to high levels of dry air? Then you’ll know how much of an annoyance it can be, due to constant itchiness and irritation. Worse, dry air can prevent sufferers of respiratory issues from getting the breath of fresh air they need in their own home. Humidification can bring moisture back to your skin and allows everyone in your household to breathe a bit easier. Overall, it improves health one puff of humidity at a time.
  2. Conserved Belongings: Dry air can take a toll on the wooden furniture in your home. Rocking chairs, benches, and other furniture made of woods faces a higher risk of cracking when air humidity levels sink below 30 %. Household items involving paper such as books will also become more brittle. Fortunately, humidification can extend the lifespan of these belongings and keep them in working order. It also saves you from the possibility of spending money on furniture replacement!
  3. Reduced Static Electricity: Believe it or not, low air humidity levels can actually give rise to static electricity. The water particles from a humidifier can break up static charge at a quicker rate. You can lower risk of experiencing unexpected zaps from touching a doorknob by investing in a whole home humidifier.

Contact Precision today if you want humidification to improve Elmhurst heating & air. You’ll be able to restore a healthy balance of humidity in your home!