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4 Safety Tips from Our Woodridge Heating Service

October 30, 2015

At Precision, our Woodridge heating service dedicates itself to keeping all of our customers safe and secure with their heating. One of the leading causes of residential fires is malfunctioning heating equipment, which can lead to property destruction, injury, and even death. It can be understandably stressful to constantly worry if your home is equipped with durable heating that won’t jeopardize the health safety of everyone in your household. But have no fear, because the heating experts at Precision are here to help you by providing installation, repair, and replacement on all of your heating systems.

Of course, as we enter the coldest months of the year, it’s important to know how to keep your home safe. You’ll probably be relying more on your heating systems as the cold weathers begins to really take effect, but you must know how to provide heating safely to not bring harm to your home or family. Educating customers on safety is a major part of our Woodridge heating service, as it could mean a matter of life and death.

Woodridge Heating Service: 4 Important Safety Tips

The well-being of our customers is the top priority of our Woodridge heating service. If you want to know how to ensure a high level of safety in your home this season, take a look at these 4 important safety tips:

  1. Keep Distance From Heating: Keep yourself, small children, pets, furniture, and any belongings at least three feet away from your heating system. Not only does this ensure a stronger flow of heat, it also reduces the risk of injury and the chances of a residential fire. A malfunctioning heating system can put the health and safety of particularly wondrous children and pets at risk.
  2. Test Smoke Alarms Regularly: In the event of a residential fire, you need a working smoke alarm that can alert of the presences of smoke at any time of the day. However, it’s important to test it regularly, or else it can be scary to have fire start spreading in your home in the middle of the night as you sleep.
  3. Annual Maintenance: Unsure if your heating system will keep you safe and warm this season? Then it’s important to receive annual heating system maintenance to keep your heating system from failing at any point during the colder months. A professional at Precision can inspect your heating system carefully and fix any problems before they worsen.
  4. Turn Portable Heaters Off: It can be incredibly dangerous to leave home without turning off your portable heater. Not only are you wasting heat and energy, this can lead to some big trouble if it malfunctions and starts a fire without you even being home to stop it!

Contact Precision today if you want to learn more safety tips from our Woodridge heating service!