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AC Repair in Burr Ridge: 5 Ways to Avoid Scams

September 1, 2015

There are plenty of services out there offering AC repair in Burr Ridge, but it’s important to separate the bad apples from the bunch. Yes, while the majority of AC repair services are upfront and honest, there is a small percentage of scam services looking to get the most money out of you as possible without offering the AC repair in Burr Ridge you desperately need to survive the last few weeks of summer.  We see too many Burr Ridge residents each year fall victim to a scam service and leave with an AC that isn’t fully repaired.

Precision aims to fight back against scams by offering honest service with AC repair at the highest quality. Our AC experts don’t just leave you high and dry once the work is done. Instead, they consult with you to make sure AC repair is done to your liking. We also offer upfront pricing to make AC repair in Burr Ridge affordable for all customers. However, there’s also several things you can do to avoid dishonest service, and our AC experts are to help you!

5 Ways to Avoid Scams with AC Repair in Burr Ridge

If you’re thinking it’s time to get AC repair, there’s some warning signs you should know before just choosing any old service. Here’s how you can avoid the trouble:

  1. Get 2-3 Estimates: It’s always important to get2 or 3 estimates on pricing before work is done on your AC. This will you plenty of options in how you pay, and will also let you know if the repair service is legit. If the service is offering absurdly high prices, it’s best to stay far away.
  2. Read Customer Reviews: If the service has an Internet presence, you may want to check out the customer reviews on sites like Yelp or even their website if applicable. If the reviews are overwhelmingly, it’s a sign that you should seek help elsewhere.
  3. Get Old, Replaced Parts: AC repair may require certain internal components to be replaced with new ones. Once the job is done, always ask the technician to return the old, broken parts. Scam services may say they replaced these parts when, in fact, it’s a lie, so don’t be afraid to ask for them.
  4. Be Wary of “Free” Tune-Ups: Many reputable services will offer free estimates on AC tune-ups. However, scam services will also use this as a ploy to make a greater sales pitch and eventually try to get a higher price from you.
  5. Troubleshoot First: You may not even need repair at all, but this won’t stop scam services from trying to make money off of you anyway. Troubleshoot your AC before you do anything else to know if you can avoid AC repair altogether.

Contact Precision today for AC repair in Burr Ridge and as always, be on the lookout for scams!