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Ask a Carol Stream Heating Contractor: 5 Steps to Replacing a Furnace Filter

November 13, 2015

Filters play an important role in keeping allergens, pollutants, and other debris from entering your heating system. While they certainly help in producing better heating and indoor air quality, they do become clogged from time to time. It’s highly important to replace them, especially with the winter season looming on the horizon! You need working filters to provide the highest quality heating!

Luckily, our Carol Stream heating contractor can give you advice on how to properly replace furnace filters.  Our heating experts are chock full of experience, and are always ready to give advice on how you can improve heating in your home. At Precision, we want to see your furnace ready to go for the fall and winter season, so take note if you want your furnace to protect from some of the coming winter’s coldest evenings!

How Can You Properly Replace a Filter?

A filter replacement can save yourself a lot of headaches because you’ll be sure your furnace will work reliably even the winter weather in Carol Stream takes its toll. Follow these five steps for a successful do-it-yourself replacement:

  1. Shut Off Thermostat: You don’t want the furnace coming in the middle of the replacement, so shutting it off is the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen. Let others in your home know, too, that you’re working on the furnace so no one turns it back on. This can prevent you from experiencing serious burns and other permanent physical injury.
  2. Locate the Filter: The easiest way for you find where yours is located is to check the manufacturer’s manual that came with the unit, since every model is different. If you don’t have it anymore, remove the front air-intake grill to see if you can access the filter from there. If not, look for an access hatch on the return air duct side of the blower motor.
  3. Remove Filter Gently: As you pull it out, pay attention to the direction the arrows on the side of the filter are pointing. Throw the old filter into the trash and seal it to prevent the collected dust from getting into your home. Hastiness can cause you to make mistakes, so don’t be impatient with this process.
  4. Vacuum the Filter: Sometimes even the most everyday household appliance can prove wonderful assistance in cleaning your furnace. A vacuum can actually suck up any dirt, dust, or debris that your filter would otherwise fail to catch. While this just a way to clean up and look
  5. Install a New Filter: Slide the new filter into position with the arrows pointing in the correct direction.  As with removal, it’s important to take it easy with this step, as it can lead you to install it incorrectly.

Contact Precision today if you want a Carol Stream heating contractor to provide a wide range of services, including furnace filter replacement!