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Ask Our Clarendon Hills Heating Service: How Can You Clean Your Furnace?

Heating Service Technician Performing a Heating Tune-Up
March 22, 2016

With your furnace cranking out heat all winter long, it’s bound to run into some issues during the spring. While filters in the unit do help clear out incoming air, at some point, (especially if you live in a home with smokers) your furnace will need a good cleaning to keep it running smoothly. Proper cleaning will not only help your furnace run smoothly, but also reduce the risk of fire as internal debris is removed.

Calling a professional for Clarendon Hills heating service is most advisable for any furnace replacement or repair needs, but cleaning can be done by a homeowner. Below are a tips for safe and effective furnace cleaning.

  • Safety First: Any furnace repair can be dangerous, even simply cleaning. Make sure to shut your thermostat off so the furnace doesn’t turn on, and either turn off the fuse and/or unplug power to the furnace. You don’t want your furnace cleaning to be a shocking experience. Wearing cotton gloves or similar hand protection to prevent cuts from the sharp edges on the inside of the unit is also advisable.
  • Start with the Outside: The outputs of the furnace are likely to collect dust, and as they heat up, this can cause a burning smell in the house. Gently brush off these areas to remove dust, cobwebs and debris.
  • Inside the Furnace: When you open the panel to view the inside of your furnace, you’ll be presented with a host of electronics which control the functions of the unit. Use a vacuum with a crevice tool to gently remove any dust or debris from the electronics and the chamber they’re located in. Removing dust and debris from moving parts will help improve efficiency and lower chance of failure for those components. Be careful not to bump any of the electronics; altered connections could lead to short circuits and larger problems than a simply dirty furnace.
  • Clean or Replace the Filters: The last step is to clean or replace the filters of the furnace. Their job is to stop most of the dust and debris from entering the unit as it draws in air, so the fibers can easily become clogged and dirty. Either replace the filters with new units, or remove the filter and gently vacuum to remove dust. Be careful not to rip the filters when vacuuming as they can be fragile.

Keeping a clean furnace will not only help improve efficiency, but also safety as the risk of potential fire is lowered when debris is removed. If the job seems a bit too much to do yourself, call our heating professionals at Precision Plumbing for Clarendon Hills heating service!