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Ask Our Glendale Heights, IL Cooling Service: How Can You Save Money on Air Conditioning?

April 18, 2016

The cold hard truth is purchasing and running an air conditioner is going to cost you. There are things you can do, however, to save money. It takes some planning and a conscious effort, but it is possible. Your local Glendale Heights, IL cooling service can help find a cost- and energy-efficient air conditioner as well.

Perhaps the biggest opportunity to save is to buy an air conditioner that has been rated energy efficient. An Energy Star unit will cut down on energy usage. Even a rated room A/C can use about 10% less energy than a standard one. While the actual product may not be cheaper than similar models, the energy savings and possible tax credits can mean substantial monetary savings beyond the short term.

There are other ways you can save on air conditioning this year. They include:

  • Cleaning the filter: It should be checked every month and cleaned if necessary. Changing the filter every three months helps to maximize efficiency as well. Dirty filters will bring up the costs of running a window or central A/C.
  • Periodic checks: Expert contractors and even your Glendale Heights, IL cooling service recommend annual checkups. An inspection can reveal any underlying problems or inefficiencies. Not only will you possibly avoid future problems and breakdowns. The monthly utility bills may be kept down as well.
  • A new thermostat: Modern programmable thermostats can be set to turn the temperature up or down at specific times. You can set them to run based on when the house is occupied or not. Also, you don’t have to set it all the way up or down. A lower contrast between indoor and outdoor temperatures is sometimes a benefit. If you use a programmable thermostat correctly throughout the year, you can save $150 on energy bills. Another good tip is to raise the thermostat an extra degree or two. It won’t make things uncomfortable but, for each degree set below 78°F, energy usage increases by as much as 4%.
  • Purchase wisely: Think about how much cooling you need. Sometimes a smaller choice will work just fine. A window unit, for example, uses less energy than a central air system. It will also save you if just a small area really needs to be cooled. Although central A/C’s tend to feature timers, so do window units. Set your timer based on when you leave and come home. You can actually set it to start running before you arrive, and actually still save.

If you’re still wondering how you can save money on your air conditioning system, contact Precision for an expert Glendale Heights, IL cooling service and advice on your current system. Our contractors will identify what improvements you can make. You may be literally sitting on opportunities to save.