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July 27, 2016

As the temperature continues to rise, keeping your home or business cool becomes more and more important. You need to be confident that your air conditioner can get the job done, but there are several common air conditioning problems that may get in the way of your cool and comfortable summer. As an experienced HVAC service, Precision Plumbing employs technicians that have faced all kinds of air conditioning problems in Lombard, IL. When your air conditioner isn’t running right, they know exactly what to look for, and they want to share their expert knowledge. Here are three common problems that warrant their professional attention.

It Won’t Turn On

If your air conditioner refuses to turn on, the problem is most likely related to the power source. Faulty wiring could be preventing electricity from making its way to the unit, and if that’s the case, a nonfunctioning air conditioner will be the least of your worries. Shotty AC wiring is a possible fire hazard, and you’ll need a professional technician to rewire the system. Other reasons as to why your air conditioner isn’t turning on could be related to a faulty thermostat or condensate overflow switch.

It Blows Warm Air

An air conditioner that blows warm air is just as useless as an air conditioner that doesn’t turn on. If this is the case for your air conditioner, the first thing your HVAC technician will check is the air filter. If it’s dirty, they’ll either clean it or replace it. They’ll also clean the condensate drain and the outdoor compressor.  If it’s neither of those air conditioning problems in Lombard, IL, they’ll give you honest advice on whether or not it’s time to replace your unit.

Frozen Coils

An air conditioner coated in ice is an odd sight to see when the summer sun is beating down, but it’s actually quite common. Frozen coils often mean airflow is being restricted by dirty air filters or a clogged return air ductwork. Low refrigerant levels may also be to blame. Regardless of the cause, Precision Plumbing will thaw the coils quickly and efficiently and help make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Unfortunately, air conditioning problems in Lombard, IL won’t fix themselves. You’ll need an HVAC technician you can trust to come to your property, diagnose the problem, and offer an effective solution. If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your AC unit, don’t hesitate to call Precision Plumbing.