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Villa Park Heating & Air: What are the Warning Signs of Carbon Monoxide?

January 14, 2016

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, average of 430 deaths are recorded each year due to carbon monoxide exposure in the United States and nearly 80,000 people seek medical attention for carbon monoxide exposure. Exposure to the gas can lead to nausea, headaches, a loss of consciousness, and death. One of the main causes of carbon monoxide can come your Villa Park heating & air, mainly due to your heating system burning fuels and releasing gasses that are harmful to the environment and your health.

If you want to ensure your Villa Park heating & air is free from the threat of carbon monoxide, allow the team at Precision to help you! Our team of heating experts can inspect your home so you’re receiving heating & air that is 100% safe. Above all else, we recommend installing a carbon monoxide alarm that can trace the presence of the gas in your home and alert you so you can keep yourself and your family safe. Better yet, our team can inform you of the signs to pick up on when you suspect the gas is seeping into your home!

Common Carbon Monoxide Indicators

The dangers of carbon monoxide are real and fatal, so take note if you notice any of these signs in your household:

  • Snow Buildup: We know what you’re thinking. “Snow buildup? A sign of carbon monoxide? Really?” But the truth of the matter is that a larger buildup of snow can actually block exhaust vents and natural gas meters, leading to a higher risk of carbon monoxide permeating through your home. This is highly possible at this time of year, so don’t think of it as a fluke occurrence.
  • Excessive Moisture: If you have excess moisture and condensation on the windows in your home, it may not have anything to do with rain. In fact, it may be due to carbon monoxide. Higher levels of carbon monoxide can see an increased amount of moisture on walls, windows, and cold surfaces in your home either due to poor fuel-burning that can emit harmful gases.
  • Yellow Pilot Light Flame: The pilot light in your furnace should emit a blue flame, but a yellow flame is a cause for concern and a definite warning sign that you have carbon monoxide lurking in your home. The burner will emit an orange flame, which is also cause for concern and need immediate attention.
  • Chimney Problems: Are you noticing damaged or discolored bricks? Are you experiencing an upward draft coming from your chimney? Then it’s a warning sign you have carbon monoxide in your home. Professional chimney cleaning should be done at least once a year, so call up your nearest chimney sweep!

Contact Precision today if you want to learn how you can identify carbon monoxide in your home and maintain healthy Villa Park heating & air!