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October 9, 2015

Ask an Arlington Heights Heating Contractor: What are the Dangers of Gas Furnaces?

While an Arlington Heights heating contractor can provide you with several services, safety is always the top priority. No matter if its furnace installation or duct cleaning or something else entirely, safe operation is key to making sure you receive efficient heating while also not risking the health and safety of your family.  This particularly true for gas furnaces. While gas furnaces can run efficiently and provide an ample amount of heating for everyone in your household, it presents several ... Read More
October 8, 2015

Don’t Wait to Call for Arlington Heights Heating Service!

The fall is here, and you should seek Arlington Heights heating service to have any of your heating needs met! No matter if it’s furnace repair, duct cleaning, or a tune-up on all of your heating systems, the worst thing you can do this season is wait on calling a professional service for assistance. The cold weather in Arlington Heights during the fall and winter can be unforgiving, and it’s even harsher when that cold air seeps into your home. ... Read More
October 7, 2015

Ask an Arlington Heights Plumber: How Do You Know If Your Pipes are Frozen?

One of the worst situations you can encounter during the fall and winter is frozen pipes, which is why Precision is here to provide you with an Arlington Heights plumber who can fix it immediately. Frozen pipes can leave you without working plumbing fixtures and make your home incredibly hazardous. It can also cost you more money on monthly utility bills due to wasted water. You may even have to find another place to live as the issue is being ... Read More
October 6, 2015

How Can you Improve Arlington Heights Heating & Air This Fall?

This fall and winter season, you’ll certainly want to get the most out of your Arlington heating & air so you remain warm and comfortable. No matter if it’s a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, it’s best to make sure your heating system is ready to go once the temperatures drop freezing. However, while your heating system may supply you with ample heat this year, have you ever felt that you’re simply not doing enough to provide yourself the best ... Read More
October 5, 2015

Arlington Heights Drain Cleaning: 4 Main Causes of Clogs

If you’re looking for great Arlington Heights drain cleaning, you can’t go wrong with Precision. Though dirty drains are a normal part of owning a home, it’s nonetheless important for you to call a professional service for treatment immediately. While our plumbers are always ready to help you, too many homeowners often wait until it’s much too late to the point where the overall performance of their home’s plumbing begins to suffer. You rely on your plumbing fixtures many times ... Read More