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December 8, 2015

Glen Ellyn Heating & Air: 5 Common Myths about Geothermal Systems

One of the increasingly popular forms of Glen Ellyn heating & air are geothermal systems. Unlike a singular heating or cooling system, a geothermal system can make your dream home atmosphere a reality by establishing a steady flow of highly-efficient heating or cooling that keeps the whole family comfortable year-round. They work off the principle that ground temperatures are constant and don’t rely on an external fuel source that proves harmful to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ... Read More
December 7, 2015

Glen Ellyn Drain Cleaning: 4 Signs You Need Rooter Service

If you have a home built before the 1980s, then it’s time to consider Glen Ellyn drain cleaning, although possibly not for the reasons you suspect. Many older homes in the Glen Ellyn area are more suspectible to experience tree root intrusion in their sewer drains. While this is still a common problem, many modern homeowners are unaware and tree roots can block their drains without even realizing it. It’s definitely a scary thought, but you can take action. If you ... Read More