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September 18, 2015

4 Questions to Always Ask a Lemont Heating Contractor

There is always a Lemont heating contractor waiting to assist you with your furnace, boiler, heat pump, and other heating systems. However, how do you know you’ve found a Lemont heating contractor you can rely on? Well, that may not be so easy, because there are always one or two contractors out there in the world who will look for any reasons to make money off of you despite less-than-stellar service. All too often, homeowners often encounter an untrustworthy or ... Read More
September 17, 2015

Lemont Heating Service: 4 Heating Tips for Homeowners

The heating experts at Precision may offer the best Lemont heating service, but sometimes there are other ways of ensuring quality, cost-efficient heating in your home. One of the perks of the colder months is being able to wrap yourself up in blankets, sip on some hot cocoa, and watch the snowfall or listen to the howling wind. But you can’t relax as much when the financial strain of paying for heating is making you feel blue, especially if the ... Read More
September 16, 2015

Ask a Lemont Plumber: Why Should You Install a Gas Line?

At Precision, we have a Lemont plumber who can install a gas line in your home to provide greater power for your home’s appliances. Today, more and more home across Lemont are starting to use natural gas to power appliances including patio grills, patio heaters, cooking equipment, gas fireplaces, and electric stoves. Appliances running on oil or any other fuel can’t simply hack it anymore, especially not with the sometimes intense demands placed on today’s appliances. Plus, it can only ... Read More
September 15, 2015

3 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Improve Lemont Heating & Air

Your furnace plays a big role in Lemont heating & air, which is why it’s important to take the proper steps in maintaining it. While your furnace is primarily used to heat your home, it’s often overlooked in how it manages to maintain a high level of indoor air quality. It’s particularly important in the colder months of the year to keep breathable air in your home that keeps everyone healthy. The fall and winter months bring with them a ... Read More
September 14, 2015

Lemont Drain Cleaning: Get Power Rodding Now!

Rooting is a big factor in Lemont drain cleaning. If your home is older than 30 years, your drains may be more susceptible to tree root intrusion due to older pipe lining practices. The growth of tree roots can actually clog drains and sewer pipes, and it can be incredibly hard to identify since the blockage mainly occurs underground. This root intrusion gave rise to rooting services, like Precision, which aim to keep tree roots away from drains and sewer ... Read More