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December 18, 2015

3 Common Mistakes Made by an Unlicensed St. Charles Heating Contractor

You’ll come across many a St. Charles heating contractor who simply isn’t living to the hype. There are plenty of handymen and scam services who guarantee your heating needs will be met, only for you to receive less-than-satisfactory work. You’ll wind up paying more for lesser quality service, and that simply isn’t fair. Even if you come across a heating contractor who is licensed, they may not have the experience necessary to get the job done correctly, leaving you with ... Read More
December 17, 2015

The ABC’s of Our St. Charles Heating Service

Have you spoken with a heating expert from our St. Charles heating service and not understood some of the terminology? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, we don’t really expect our customers to know the exact terminology. All we care about is providing you with the best heating service in the area so your home is equipped with a heating system that keeps the whole family warm and cozy. However, knowing heating system terminology is important so you’ll have ... Read More
December 16, 2015

Ask a St. Charles Plumber: When Do You Need Gas Line Repair?

Precision has a St. Charles plumber always waiting in the wings to help you with a wide range of gas line services. We can replace your electric stove with a natural gas stove, or install a new gas line in your home entirely. However, it’s important to call at the first sign of a problem or else your gas line troubles could lead to some serious, life threatening consequences including residential fires and electrical shocks. Ensuring the highest level of safety ... Read More
December 15, 2015

How Can You Winterize Your St. Charles Heating & Air?

A season of low temperatures and snowfall is ahead. Are you ready? More specifically, is your St. Charles heating & air ready? It’s important to ensure that your heating systems are finely tuned, air leaks are closed, and frozen pipes are avoided. The winter weather may be rough, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the overall quality of your St. Charles heating & air! Would you leave your back door wide open all winter? Well, failing to winterize your ... Read More
December 14, 2015

St. Charles Drain Cleaning: How Can You Use a Plunger Effectively?

Odds are you’ve probably used a plunger many times before, especially for small drain clogs. It’s the simplest, most effective solution of St. Charles drain cleaning and the best part is that you can purchase it for cheap at your local grocery store! However, while most homeowners know exactly how to use a plunger, it’s important to know how to use it effectively so clogs will stay away from your drains for a long time to come. Plunging also must ... Read More