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9 Popular Furnace Service Myths

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November 30, 2016

A furnace service is just what you need this season if you expect to stay warm and cozy during the coldest weather. It doesn’t matter if you need an installation, repair, replacement, or even a quick maintenance check. With some of the coldest weather of the year on its way, you can’t afford to wait a moment longer. However, in your quest for comforting heat, you need to be aware of the fallacies and half-truths spread around about servicing your furnace. Even just believing one piece of misinformation may see you experience all sorts of heating trouble that will bring plenty of stress to your everyday life this winter. You should definitely make a point to call up a heating contractor to learn what mistakes you avoid or else this season may turn out to be one of discomfort and significant money loss. Consider this: the average price a homeowner in The United States will pay for furnace repair today is around $300, with a maximum of $800 depending on the service.  The average cost of installation for a gas furnace is closer to $4,000. Imagine having to spend all of that money due to following some false heating information. If you don’t separate the facts from fiction in terms of home heating, that may become a reality.

Why You Should Call Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

If you want honest, upfront heating services, look no further than Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our heating contractors are fully-trained and licensed to provide you with any high-quality furnace service, ensuring heating troubles are the furthest thing from your mind this season. In addition to offering customers a wide range of heating services, our contractors will leave you with a greater understanding of home heating. Once you have a better sense of how to install, repair, and perform furnace maintenance, you will be able to enjoy greater heating in your home during the coldest weather of the year. You will know when to call for repairs and when it’s time to call for a new furnace entirely. Even if it’s just a matter of learning how to avoid a few small mistakes with home heating, it will ensure you enjoy a much better peace of mind throughout the season. With your family’s needs met, and money saved on bills, Precision Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can ensure this winter will be one of your most comfortable in recent memory.

9 Furnace Service Myths You Should Know

Please be aware of any of the following furnace service myths so you’ll avoid making any faux pas on your heating system:

  1. “I Have Plenty of Time to Find a Furnace” You may think it will be better to wait it out and get every last ounce of heat before replacing that old system, but this can prove to be a huge mistake. Heating is a necessity for any home. You need to consider many factors such as the size of your home, what kind of energy you will be using to power it, who will install it, and more.
  2. “I’ll Just Replace My Furnace with the Same Brand” So let’s say you do seek a furnace replacement. You may think it’s just a matter of replacing the system with the same brand. After all, it worked out for you the last time, right? Well, not quite. If your current brand or model was created before certain energy requirements were put in place, you may wind up spending more on energy bills.
  3. “Closing the Vents will Reduce Heating Bills” You may find yourself in a situation this winter where you are struggling to keep heating costs down and think closing  the vents will reverse your fortunes. However, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Closing your vents will instead prevent heat from being blown directly into a particular room and prevent the house from completely warming up.
  4. “A Furnace Will Work Faster When the Thermostat is Turned Up Higher” Your thermostat is responsible for setting heat at a temperature most comfortable to you, but you may think turning the thermostat up higher will make the furnace work even faster in providing warm air. The unfortunate truth is that it will simply cost you more money on energy bills and put more stress on the equipment.
  5. “It Costs More to Raise and Lower Heat” Constantly raising and lowering the temperature on your thermostat may seem costly at first, but the truth is that it prevents you from using more heat than necessary. You should lower the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees before you leave the house for the day so your heating system isn’t working so hard.
  6. “Cold Spots are Normal” At some point during the winter, you may notice some rooms in your home feel colder than others. Do not assume it’s a normal occurrence. Cold spots are indicative of inconsistent heating in your home, which can be due to a wide range of problem like for an improperly sized furnace or dirty ductwork. 
  7. “The Temperature Must Be the Same in Every Room” Remember this rule: consistent heat does not mean every room in your home needs to be at the same temperature. Fortunately, there are now special zoning systems allowing you to adjust the temperature throughout different rooms of your home, which allows you to have more heat going to certain rooms of the house.
  8. “Furnace Size is Irrelevant” Installing the wrong sized furnace may bring its own set of trouble. This may include poor energy efficiency and shorter system lifespan, resulting in you spending more money on replacement. Please consult with your local heating technician and have them inspect your home to determine what size system would be the perfect fit so you enjoy greater savings on energy and replacement.
  9. “Install It, and Forget It” If you threw dinner in the oven, would you simply forget about it and leave it to burn to a crisp? Of course you wouldn’t, and the same can be said for your furnace. You should call for an annual furnace tune-up once a year from a professional to ensure any small issues are fixed before they worsen, ideally right before the winter begins. You should also check your furnace regularly for any visible issues requiring you to call for repair services.

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