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What Furnace Service Do You Need?

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November 14, 2016

A furnace service is essential at this time of year. One small problem with your furnace can grow into something much worse, making it urgent that you call your local heating company as soon as possible or else you risk being stuck in the cold. However, as easy as it may be to dial up your nearest heating contractor, you also need to make sure you are throwing your money toward the right service. All too often, homeowners get stuck between deciding whether a furnace repair or furnace replacement will be right for them. One wrong choice may see you paying up to thousands of dollars more than necessary. For example, if you seek a furnace replacement when just a few small repairs would be the more cost-efficient option, you may be losing up to $4,000 on a new furnace. In the opposite situation, furnace repairs may only cost up to $300, but spending that amount on a regular basis for a furnace will be far less cost-efficient in the long-run than if you simply replaced it. If you want to avoid significant money loss, you need to take heating services into serious consideration to ensure you are getting the repairs or replacement service just right for you.

How Can Precision Help You With Your Furnace Service?

Precision is here to provide you with a high-quality furnace service this fall, regardless if you need repair or replacement. Our heating contractors will work to satisfy any of your heating needs. Even if heating service during the fall and winter may be an urgent matter, we know better than anyone that it should not come at the expense of your hard-earned money. We will always be willing to help you find the right service to fix your heating worries, which is why our contractors will consult with you to determine what service you need. With our help, you will have a dependable heating system in your home that will be ready to provide heat even during the coldest nights of the year. Even better, and perhaps most importantly, we will ensure you have a furnace that operates safely and avoids hazards like home heating fires.

When Should You Call for Furnace Repair?

You will need to call for furnace repair as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

  • Your Furnace is Younger than 10 Years Old: The average life expectancy for a furnace today usually hovers around 12 to 25 years, but that does not necessarily mean a younger furnace is suddenly immune from experiencing issues. Repairs will be more cost-effective in this situation.
  • Duct Cleaning: Dirty, blocked ducts will result in an uneven distribution of heat and worse efficiency for your heating system. Worse, it will allow dust and other allergens to pass through your home, result in worse indoor air quality. However, do not replace the furnace and instead call a professional to clean the ducts.
  • Dirty Furnace Filters: Airflow from the furnace is blocked when its filters become blocked and the system will work even harder to produce heat, resulting in worse energy efficiency. A professional can remedy the situation. As part of your heating system maintenance, ensure filters are changed once a month during the fall and winter.
  • Thermostat problems: Broken thermostats may result in an uneven distribution of heat in your home, allowing for cold spots to pop up in various areas. Again, this will not require you to do much with the actual furnace. You should instead call for repair on the thermostat instead.

When Should You Call for Furnace Replacement?

Call for replacement instead if any of the following apply to your heating system:

  • Furnace is Older than 15 Years: Your furnace can last for years, but it is much more likely to run into problems the older it becomes. It will be much more cost-efficient to replace it after 15 years so you save money on repair bills. .
  • Frequent System Breakdowns: You may discover your furnace may constantly shut down on you and prove beyond repair. Even if your furnace is younger, it may be better to seek replacement to avoid the headaches of inconsistent heating.
  • Higher Costs on Energy Bills: Once your furnace begins to lose its efficiency, it will cost you more money on energy even if you receive the same quality heat. You may need to replace the system to ensure long-term savings on bills. 
  • Improperly-Sized Systems: There are some untrustworthy HVAC service companies out there who won’t inspect your home but will still install improperly sized systems, which will frequently breakdown and result in poor energy efficiency. At Precision, our contractors will right the situation by providing you with a furnace that fits perfectly in your home, resulting in better long-term efficiency.

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