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Glendale Heights, IL Heating & Air: 5 Important AC Maintenance Tips

glendale heights, il heating & air
April 12, 2016

Regular air conditioner maintenance does more than prevent avoidable breakdowns. Although this is a great advantage, common types of maintenance can actually save you on energy bills and ensure your home is as comfortable as it can be. Not to mention enable the system to last potentially years longer.

Some maintenance tasks can be completed by an average homeowner, but a good Glendale Heights, IL heating & air contractor can tackle other jobs that require training and licensing. Unsure about your A/C and how long it has? Here are five important maintenance tips to follow.

  1. Filter Cleaning/Replacement: The simplest and most basic tasks is to check the filter. Whether you have a window or central unit, it is usually easy to access. Look behind the front panel, return air grille, inside an air handler’s or furnace’s blower compartment or, in the case of a furnace, in a side, bottom, or top slot. Reusable filters can be cleared with a vacuum or by simply wiping them. Check the filter every month during the summer and winter months.
  2. Power Down: An air conditioner and its parts can provide direct exposure to electricity. Metal is a great conductor. If any power is flowing, you can get a serious shock or worse. Before accessing internal components, turn off the power to the system.
  3. Keep It Clean: Debris can be a real problem, especially with outdoor units. Condensers and compressors can be cleaned by removing the fan cage. Leaves and other debris may be removed by hand or with a vacuum, leaving the interior free of obstructions. Also spray off the fins with a standard garden hose or fin cleaning spray. Be sure to clear leaves, branches, and other debris around the unit to maximize airflow.
  4. Inspect Internal Parts: You don’t have to be an expert to see problems such as burned wires, melted insulation, or corrosion. Electrical connections can be checked with a test meter as well. A lot of things can be done if you have experience, but call a Glendale Heights, IL heating & air contractor if you feel at all uncomfortable with the task.
  5. Thermostat: Air conditioner maintenance sometimes involves looking beyond the unit or central system. Check the device to see it is working. If not, you could be missing out on savings. If you don’t already, consider a replacement programmable thermostat that controls your heating and cooling based on the time of day and when it’s needed.

These are five good A/C maintenance tips. Many things you can do yourself, but a Glendale Heights, IL heating & air company can help a great deal with making sure the system runs properly and efficiently. Call Precision today if you need a helping hand with keeping your air conditioner in top shape.