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7 Money-Saving Heating Maintenance Tips

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November 16, 2016

Heating maintenance is absolutely essential if you want to avoid the number-one source of stress during the colder months—heating bills. Saving money on heating is a lot easier said than done for many homeowners. When the temperatures outdoors hit a low, you will be relying on your heating system more than ever to stay comfortable. However, this only allows for heating costs to easily skyrocket and leave you in a bad situation. If you’re not on top of heating maintenance, it may prove even worse. You may also experience poor system efficiency, shorten furnace lifespan, and experience greater spending on furnace replacement.  Making matters even more complicated is that heating is a necessity. You can’t simply not go without heat, especially if you live with a growing family with multiple needs. If you’re not on top of heating maintenance, it may prove even worse. In fact, the worst thing you can experience during the colder months is a lack of heat, meaning you’re pretty much stuck paying heating bills some way or another. But it doesn’t have to be so bad! There are several ways you can lower heating costs if you stay on top of furnace maintenance. Even just making a few small adjustments to your heating system can go a long way in ensuring you avoid these troubles and more.

Why You Should Call Precision for High-Quality Service

If you want to ensure cost-efficient heating in your home this season, please call Precision. Our heating contractors can provide you with greater insight into your heating system so you know how to avoid making any mistakes in maintaining it. We can also provide a wide range of heating services including installation, repair, and replacement. We can also provide an inspection of your furnace annually to make sure it is free of any lingering issues that would otherwise get worse. Thanks to our help, you will experience greater energy savings throughout the season and won’t worry when the next heating bills arrives in the mail. When the weather grows cold, you should feel as comfortable as possible, for the sake of your home and certainly your family’s well-being.

7 Tips to Save Money on Heating Bills

In addition to our services, you can also play a role in guaranteeing cost-efficient heating by following these 7 heating tips:

  1. Turn Down the Thermostat to 68 Degrees: You should lower the temperature of your thermostat down 68 degrees, ensuring your heating system won’t have to work so hard in producing warm air. You can still experience a high level of comfort without any of the additional heating costs.
  2. Seal Up Air Leaks: Before the fall and winter get underway, you should inspect your home for air leaks. Air leaks are the most common reason for heating loss and may be the reason why you’re wondering how you’re paying more money than necessary on heating bills. Check areas like attics, basements, and crawl spaces for any visible openings. Then seal it with heat tape.
  3. Use Sunlight: The sunshine may prove one of your most helpful resources during the winter. On sunny days, you should open the curtains and let your house soak it up. This will provide natural heat without having to turn on your furnace, meaning you won’t waste a single dollar more when the time arrives for your next heating bill.
  4. Replace Furnace Filters: The filters in your furnace will eventually become clogged with dirt and debris, effectively blocking air flow in the process. This will only force the furnace to work even harder in producing warm air, allowing heating costs to pile up. However, once filters are replaced on a regular, you can expect better air flow and greater savings.
  5. Consider a Programmable Thermostat: A programmable thermostat ensures you save more money on heating bills by giving you more control over how much heat is entering your home. It also prevents you from heating rooms in your home currently not in use, meaning you will have warm air going to the areas needing it the most.
  6. Lower Water Heater Temperature: You may need hot water at this time of year, but it’s always the better choice to turn down the temperature on the water heater to save a bit more money. Even by turning it down by a few degrees, you can save so much money. You can save you a lot of money and also prevent the hot water from verging on scalding. 
  7. Call Precision for Annual Furnace Maintenance: If you want to ensure highly-efficient heating over the next 12 months, you should make a point to call Precision for annual heating maintenance. It is ideal to have a maintenance check right before the colder months to ensure your furnace is ready to go for any frigid weather ahead.

Don’t Let The Cold Weather Sneak Up On You – Schedule Your Heating Maintenance Today

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