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10 Fall Tips for Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance will ensure your home stays warm during the coldest months
October 31, 2016

Heating maintenance will help you live comfortably this fall and keep you away from safety hazards like home heating fires. Even if you want high-quality heating this season, you need to be sure not to engage in unsafe heating practices. The fall and winter see a much higher risk of home heating fires, due to a homeowner’s stronger reliance on heating systems during the fall and winter. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, 45,000 home heating fires were reported during 2010-2012. An additional 155 deaths, 625 injuries, and $351 million dollars in property damaged were also reported. With rates this high, you need to keep your home from becoming another statistic.  Even if you have the most modern and reliable furnace around, you still need to take extra steps in ensuring your family’s well-being this season. Just by making a few minor fixes to your home’s heating system can help you improve property resale value, save long-term money on heating services, and extend the lifespan of your heating systems by years. And you don’t need to be a licensed, fully-trained heating contractor to maintain your home’s heating either; sometimes all it takes is few simple steps to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Why Should You Call Precision?

If you are unsure about your heating safety this season, please call Precision for high-quality service. We can ensure you have comfortable yet safe heating that will allow to relax so much more in your home. Our team of heating experts offers annual furnace maintenance that will closely inspect your home heating system to ensure even the smallest problems are spotted and fixed. We can single-handedly make your furnace work better than ever before. If you live with a growing family, we can make sure your heating system is ready to meet your increasing needs. If you feel your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan, we also offer furnace replacement so you will not experience a heating system breakdown at any point during the colder months. Above all else, calling Precision for high-quality heating service guarantees one major thing—that you live with a better peace of mind this season, thanks to safe yet efficient warm air.

How Can You Aid In Your Home’s Heating Maintenance 

In addition to our service, please follow these 10 heating maintenance tips the next time you are looking to improve your home’s comfort:

  1. Replace Air Filters: Furnace filters can block airflow when they become blocked with dirt and debris, resulting in the furnace using more energy to produce warm air and increasing your spending on energy costs. Replacing filters once a month will avoid this possibility.
  2. Keep a Safe Distance from Heating System: Please keep at least 3 feet away from the heating system to avoid injury.  In addition, you also keep any flammable objects away from the heating system, one small spark from a furnace can create a huge fire in your home.
  3. Unplug and Turn Off Portable Heaters: Always turn off and unplug portable heaters when you are no longer using them, especially if you are leaving the house or going to bed at night. If not, portable heaters may become overheated, resulting in a higher risk of a home heating fire.
  4. Clean Ventilation System: A buildup of dirt and debris in your vents may result in worse indoor air quality for your home, as it will allow any dust and other allergens to roam free through your house. Any asthma or allergy sufferers will certainly feel the effects. To improve the indoor atmosphere and heating efficiency, have a professional clean your vents regularly.
  5. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection: Imagine getting stuck with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that refuse to work; it may just happen if you don’t test them regularly. Testing your smoke detectors will let you know if you need to change batteries or if the detector should be replaced altogether.
  6. Consider a Chimney Inspection: Contained fires, ones that occur in chimneys, make up a whopping 84% of home heating fires during the fall and winter. Since creosote and soot can build up within the chimney, it can easily lead to a fire. You should call for an annual chimney sweep to lower the risk.
  7. Protect Fireplaces: Adding a metal or glass door to your fireplace can prevent a situation where any sparks jump out from the fire and engulf the surrounding area in flames. You will be able to relax so much more around the fireplace without any hazard.
  8. Check Electrical Connections: Your furnace issues this fall may come down to damaged wiring in its electrical connections. You absolutely should not try to fix them on your own. Instead, call your local contractor who will know how to make repairs safely and effectively.
  9. Check Gas Connections: If you own a gas furnace, you need to be aware of the risk of gas leaks, which can either result in a fire or explosion. Have one of our contractors test your gas connections to ensure any gas-run appliances in your home are safe.
  10. Call Precision for Annual Furnace Maintenance: You should call Precision for annual furnace maintenance. One of our contractors can give your heating system a closer look and spot any lingering problems within the furnace. We can make quick repairs and guarantee you save money on repair bills.

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