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Hinsdale, IL Heating & Air: 5 Signs You Have Mold in Your Home

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April 6, 2016

Mold spores are found everywhere. They are inside, outside, and in the air. Mold will grow on food, soil, plants, or just about any surface; all it needs is some moisture and an environment it can thrive in. A type of fungi found in nature, mold grows out of microscopic spores that travel easily through the air. The problem is it not only looks and smells bad. Mold causes health problems from breathing in spores, but some kinds release chemicals that can be bad for your health. Any type of mold you see growing indoors can be potentially harmful. Be sure to contact our Hinsdale, IL heating & air company if you suspect mold. Here are common signs it is in your home.

  1. Visible Mold: The most obvious sign is if you see a discoloration. Even a water stain could signify mold could be growing inside the wall, floor, or ceiling. Dampness is a characteristic sign, or even peeling wallpaper or cracked paint. The mold itself can look cottony, granular, or velvety. It might be white, black, gray, green, brown, or yellow. Any fuzzy material on a surface or furnishing can be the culprit.
  2. Odors: Mold tends to smell musty or earthy. You can try to isolate the source by looking where the odor is strongest. It can be growing in a certain room, under a carpet or panel, or inside walls near damp pipes.
  3. Moisture Buildup: Any consistently damp area in your home is conducive to mold growth. That can be condensation by a window or around rusty pipes under the kitchen sink. You might notice wet areas outside the house that stay damp days after a rainstorm. Water could be collecting somewhere or leaking. Whatever the case, the conditions are ripe for mold to settle and grow.
  4. Mold Has Been There Before: If you’ve had a burst pipe, basement or kitchen flood or leak, and past mold problems, it could happen again. There could be damp areas you don’t see and where some mold can remain hidden for years. The underside of floors, and even cabinets, should be periodically checked, especially if people in your household have unexplainable symptoms.
  5. Changes in Your Health: Symptoms of mold include a cough, nasal/sinus congestion, a sore throat, breathing problems, and skin and eye irritation. Upper respiratory infections can occur as well. People often attribute many of these signs to allergies, but may realize their symptoms abate when they’re away from home. Remember mold is poisonous and does not only trigger allergic cold-like reactions. It can lead to neurological symptoms and even harm your pets.

Precision Plumbing is a Hinsdale, IL heating & air company that also specializes in mold remediation. Call us immediately if you have any of the signs in your home or have had mold in the past. Our team can remove it and shore up any causes attributing to its growth.