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Our Burr Ridge Heating Service: 4 Common Questions Asked by Our Customers

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October 1, 2015

At Precision, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive Burr Ridge heating service. No matter what your heating needs, you can always count on the heating experts at Precision to go the extra mile and give you quality service! We do stunning work on furnaces and boilers that will keep you warm and comfortable when you need to rely on your heating the most. This includes installation, repair, replacement, and even a simple maintenance check. Above all else, we just want you to be happy in your home with quality heating!

However, the phones at Precision are always ringing off the hook with questions from our customers who are looking to know more about the full extent of our Burr Ridge heating service. Our heating experts have tackled some of the most complicated questions regarding home heating, so never be afraid to pick up the phone and quiz them! We’ll make your questions aren’t just answered, but also placed into deep consideration!

4 Questions on Our Burr Ridge Heating Service

While Precision has received a wide array of questions on heating service, but there’s a few questions we see pop up more often than others. Here’s 4 of some of the most common questions asked by our customers:

  1. “When is a Good Time for Furnace Maintenance?” You should ideally maintain your furnace once a year. While there are several maintenance tips you should follow many times a year, an annual maintenance check from a certified heating experts is just what you need to make sure you’re receiving quality heating year-round.
  2. “How Flexible is Your Scheduling?” No matter when you need heating service, you can count on our heating experts to work around your schedule and provide service at a time that benefits you. Our work hours don’t just end at 5 p.m. We’ll provide service day and night. We also guarantee quick, same-day service to meet your heating needs.
  3. “What is Your Pricing?” Unlike other services, Precision will set prices upfront depending on the job as opposed to setting up an hourly wage. As a service priding itself on honesty, Precision won’t change that price when it’s set, no matter how long it takes to complete a job.
  4. “How Can You Help With Furnace Installation?” Not only will the heating experts at Precision install the latest furnace model in your home, they can help you determine what model is right for you in terms of heating demands, pricing, and the physical space in your home.

Contact Precision today for Burr Ridge heating service, especially if you have any burning questions in need of answers!