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Backflow Prevention in Chicago


Sewer backflow is the unwanted reverse flow of water into a potable water distribution system. There are two types of backflow: backpressure backflow and backsiphonage. Backpressure backflow happens when the pressure in the water pipes in the house is greater than the pressure in the pipes coming into the house or property. Backsiphonage is when there is a complete lack of pressure in the supply pipes (a vacuum) which can occur when there is nearby firefighting or breaks in the city main. Backflow can occur in residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings, or anywhere where there are cross connections (any connection between the pipes that bring the drinking water into the property).

The risks of backflow can range from causing slight illness to being lethal. For this reason it is very important to take the proper precautions and protect the water on your suburban Chicagoland property. We can help you safeguard your water through the testing of your backflow prevention device.

Backflow prevention

The main way to prevent the possibility of backflow in your system is to get your backflow prevention device tested. A backflow prevention device is a device that provides a physical barrier to backflow that needs to be installed by a professional. This device also needs to be tested periodically (about every 3 years, depending on where you are) and even annually in some cases if the substance you are protecting against is considered a high hazard. Sometimes an air gap, a physical separation between the end of a water supply outlet and the rim of a receiving vessel, is also used for backflow prevention.

Some ways that you can help prevent backflow are:

  • Don’t use a garden hose to spray fertilizer on your yard, unless it is properly protected
  • Don’t leave your hose in a pool or a spa, since they may contain harmful cleansers or dangerous bacteria
  • Make sure that hose bibb vaccum breakers are installed on each of your hose bibs
  • Make sure that you never leave the kitchen sprayer hose in the sink where it could become submerged
  • If your swimming pool or hot tub is plumbed into your system, be sure to get a backflow preventer for it

If you received notice from your city or town that you need to test your backflow prevention device, Precision Plumbing can help. Proudly serving suburban Chicagoland…Is today soon enough?