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Faucet Repair & Replacement in Chicagoland


Are the fixtures in your home out-dated or just not working efficiently? Installing new fixtures in your home is an easy way to update its appearance, whether you are going for a more modern or traditional look for yourself or to appeal to buyers of your home. Whether you want to update the look or functionality of your fixtures, you can rely on professionals at Precision Plumbing, Sewer Drain Cleaning to perform the new fixture installation quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing fixtures are parts that are connected to a plumbing system and interact with water. Some common plumbing fixtures are:

  • Ktichen sinks
  • Bathroom sinks (also called Lavatories)
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets
  • Shower valves and heads
  • Water hose connections (hose bibs)
  • Bidets
  • Etc…

We offer installation services for these fixtures and more!

Faucet Installation

Some new fixture installation can be a relatively easy do-it-yourself job. For the most part this includes kitchen or bathroom faucets, though even these could have difficult-to-handle aspects. When replacing a new faucet make sure you:

  • Check to see if the new faucet you are installing matches the old one (holes and spacing, if you are only replacing the faucet)
  • Find out which type of faucet you have. There are four different types, and each one has different parts which require a different installation process.

Also, removing the old faucet can sometimes be the hardest part. For this part you will have to get underneath the sinks and be sure that you are wearing face protection and have buckets and towels with you. If this doesn’t sound like fun…

We can help!

If this process becomes too challenging, remember, you can call one of our professional plumbers at Precision Plumbing, Sewer Drain Cleaning to come to your Suburban Chicagoland residence. Our professionals are experienced in handling every aspect of these types of installations and repairs, and will save you time and the risk of something not working properly or going wrong.

Guaranteed workmanship for life

Our plumbers have experience installing many types of fixtures from many different brands, and will install your new fixture professionally using your brand or ours. This leaves you free to go out and choose your own fixtures and we can still install them for you. At Precision Plumbing, Sewer Drain Cleaning, we use the highest quality parts and fixtures and guarantee our workmanship for life. We also offer warranty coverage on our products for a minimum of one year. Proudly serving suburban Chicagoland. Is today soon enough?