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Sump Pump Installation in Chicago


If you have regular flooding issues in your suburban Chicagoland basement, then you probably have a sump pump. Sump pumps are designed to remove unwanted water, such as surface or ground water that leaks into your home. Sump pumps should be maintained; typical recommendations suggest examining equipment every year. Pumps running frequently due to higher water table, water drainage, or weather conditions should be examined more frequently. Sump pumps, being highly mechanical, will fail eventually, which could lead to a flooded basement requiring costly repairs.

Basement flooding is a serious problem and can be caused by anything from a leak in your basement walls to blockage in the sewer pipe that connects your plumbing to the main line. It can damage your home and chronically wet houses are linked to respiratory problems. If you have repeated basement flooding, it can even hike up your insurance rates. Even if your flooding is localized, it can spread mold through the basement area which can turn into a big problem. Sump pumps work by either pumping the sub-surface water to an existing drain line (if allowed by code) or expels the water outside of the home to a municipal storm drain or dry well. If your home is flooded regularly and you do not have a sump pump, you are losing valuable living space!

Installing a sump pump

Sump pump installation is a big job that involves removing a 24-in.-wide swath of concrete and soil from the inside perimeter of the basement, adding gravel, draintiles and a pit and replacing the concrete. Therefore, we do not recommend that you attempt this installation yourself. Professionals at Precision Plumbing, Heating and Cooling have extensive experience installing and repairing sump pumps and can help you install a new sump pump, or make sure your existing sump pump is in good working condition.

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