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Low Water Pressure Solutions in Chicago


Are you tired of showering under trickling water? Have a weak stream of water coming from your kitchen sink? We can help! Boosting your water pressure can even improve your irrigation systems. We will determine the cause of inadequate pressure and restore your low water pressure back to normal.

One way to discover if you have low water pressure is by using a water pressure gauge. These gauges are usually available at your local hardware store. A pressure gauge will help you track the water pressure throughout your home. When using a water pressure gauge, make sure that no water is running in the house, and connect the pressure gauge to the nearest exterior faucet. Water pressure coming into a home is generally around 40-45 psi and should not exceed 60 psi.

Causes of poor water pressure

Inadequate water pressure is usually due to problems in your plumbing system. The causes include:

  • Build-up and corrosion in pipes (galvanized and cast iron pipes are especially susceptible)
  • Low water volume
  • The pressure reducing valve may be set improperly, if you find that the low water pressure is at every faucet in your home
  • Clogged aerator (small net found at the tip of the faucet)
  • Problem with your water heater (if only the hot water pressure is affected)
  • On-site leak
  • Your property shares a supply line with a water main (pressure varies depending on water demand)

Also, check to see if the low water pressure is common in your neighborhood. Certain locations have low water pressure throughout the neighborhood. Low pressure can also be affected by the height of your home in relation to other buildings.

How can it be fixed?

There are small fixes that you can try in your suburban Chicagoland home, such as adjusting the pressure reducing valve and unclogging a clogged aerator. However, for bigger problems such as leaks, corrosion and build-up, it is best to call a professional to take care of them for you. Precision Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will take care of these problems and more, to ensure that you can enjoy your showers and have usable and effective faucets with adequate water pressure.

Once we have identified the source of the problem, we will work with you to evaluate your options for restoration. Precision Plumbing, Heating and Cooling offers professional service throughout suburban Chicagoland, weekdays and weekends, at any time of day…Is today soon enough?