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Drain Cleaning in Chicagoland


Sewer and drain pipes are wreaking havoc for property owners. Sewers back up in homes over 750,000 times a year in North America due to aging lines, root intrusion, and main line clogs and other problems. Sewage back up can be a very unpleasant experience, and can leave you with floor damage and a lengthy cleanup in your home. Not only that but it can also create an environment where potentially deadly pathogens in the sewage are introduced into the home.

Causes of Sewage Spills and Backups

Sewage spills and backups can occur for many reasons.

  1. A solid object is accidentally flushed down the toilet. In homes excess amounts of hair, sanitary napkins, and other household materials can oftentimes be the culprit. This causes the blockage of the lateral service pipe between your home and the city main
  2. Pipe deterioration, cracks in the pipes, holes and misaligned pipes
  3. Tree roots. Sometimes tree roots can enter a service pipe causing blockages or cracks in the pipes as the roots grow.
  4. Sanitary sewers flow by gravity, so in times of heavy rain, sewer lines can fill up to over capacity and spill out into low lying residential floor drains
  5. If all of your drain pipes are experiencing problems, there may be a clog in the main line. If you think this is the case, call the Department of Water Management in the city of Chicago, and city personnel can check for clogs in the mainline and let you know if this is the case

Sewer and drain repair can cost a significant amount of money, not to mention the headaches. You may want to try to solve some of your drain and sewer problems yourself, but if you find that this is too challenging or would like an expert to make sure it is done quickly and effectively, just give us a call! Precision Plumbing, Heating and Cooling can help keep your sewer and drain functioning properly in order to prevent costly repairs down the line. Call us today and we can help you solve and prevent your sewer and drain pipe problems. We are always available in suburban Chicagoland…Is today soon enough?

Our Sewer Services

Precision Plumbing, Heating and Cooling offers the following sewer and drain solutions:

To learn more about trenchless solutions to sewer repair and sewer replacement in Chicago, watch the videos below or click on this link to read more!