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Video Camera Sewer Inspection in Chicagoland


Precision Plumbing offers a cost-effective solution to clean your sewer! Using video camera technology, we locate and identify the cause of the back up and remove the problem. A plumbing inspection camera is a fiber optic line with a high definition video camera attached to the end. It can be snaked through the plumbing line to solve the mystery of what is backing up your pipes. It can reveal if pipes are broken, corrosion, tree roots and any other blockage culprits. After the problem is removed, we use the same video camera technology to ensure all debris is gone, giving you peace of mind your sewer won’t back up again from the same problem. Call us for quality and efficient service in suburban Chicagoland today!

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Service

Problems in sewer lines can go undetected for weeks, or even months. Here are some signs and symptoms you can look for when deciding if you need a sewer video inspection:

  • Foul odors in your kitchen or bathroom. Usually these odors should be blocked by drain traps or air vents. If there is no water in the drain traps, the odor is free to travel up to your home where it can be detected
  • Backed up sewer line. There is a blockage in the sewer line cause by tree roots, debris, grease or a crushed pipe that is blocking the flow of water.
  • Irregular patch of grass. If you find that there is a patch of grass in your yard that looks more watered than the rest, this could be a sign that there is excess water in this spot possibly coming through a leak in the pipe.

There is no reason to dig up your yard in order to find the problem. With sewer video inspection, it is possible to avoid excavation and quickly and easily take care of the problem. In some cases replacement of the pipeline is necessary, but why not avoid it if you can?

If you suspect that your pipes may be damaged or malfunctioning, give us a call today! Precision Plumbing will inspect your sewer and fix your problem in no time. You can call on us for a sewer video inspection anytime, and we will remove the cause of your sewer problem. You can rest easy because all of our workmanship is guaranteed for life! Proudly serving suburban Chicagoland… Is today soon enough?