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Time for a New Kitchen Faucet in Hinsdale?

September 17, 2010

Is it time for a new kitchen faucet for you Hinsdale home?  There are several reasons people upgrade their kitchen faucets: it’s time for a new look, or you want to enjoy some of the great new features available in today’s modern kitchen faucets.  Those of us with elderly loved ones or people who struggle with mobility issues may want a new kitchen faucet that is easier to operate.

There have been some amazing innovations in kitchen faucet technology. Kohler’s Robotic Arm Faucet pictured may be pushing the envelope for most home owners — although it does offer the ultimate in flexibility! — but it does hint at what’s available out there.  Longer faucets are the latest trend, with flexibility running a close second.

Installing a new kitchen faucet can make your kitchen easier to use. Filling cooking pots, cleaning fruits and vegetables, clean up — all easier when you’ve got a kitchen faucet designed to work with your lifestyle!

New Fixture Installation in Hinsdale

Sometimes, you can put that new faucet in by yourself.  If you’re replacing a basic faucet with a similar model, generally it is a quick job. The skilled home handyman can do the job on their own. Don’t feel obligated to take the job on, however, if you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to do it: your plumber can do the job quickly, without tying up your Saturday afternoon!

However, today’s advanced kitchen faucets can be another story.  When you’re installing a complex piece of technology in your home – a faucet that can dispense instant boiling hot water, for example, or turn on or off with the lightest touch, the job can be more complex.

Bear in  mind too that these new kitchen faucets can be pricey — do you really want to find yourself damaging the $500 faucet? Havet your Hinsdale plumber to do the job – they have the skills and tools to do the job right.