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Water Treatment Services in Chicagoland


Access to safe, drinkable running water makes your home livable and keeps you alive. Wouldn’t you want to keep such an important and essential ingredient to your life clean and pure?

We can help!

Precision Plumbing, Sewer Drain Cleaning offers a variety of water treatment services. Does your household water have an unpleasant taste, smell or color? Maybe it leaves your skin feeling dry and itchy? Water treatment can help solve these issues so you are exposed only to clean and healthy water. We use water in the home for many purposes such as cooking, cleaning and drinking. Home water treatment can improve the quality of your water by clearing it of bacteria, chemical pollutants (used to treat the water) and other toxic substances so that you always feel free to drink or cook with your water without worries of ingesting something harmful.

Types of water treatment systems

A wide variety of different home water technologies exist today to suit different needs and water issues. Water quality and specific needs can vary depending on where you are so check with your local water supplier for more information. If you are thinking of installing a water treatment system in your home, call Precision Plumbing, Sewer Drain Cleaning services today and ask about your water treatment options. We will send over a professional and courteous water treatment service technician that will help you install the water treatment system that’s right for you. We are available for service at your convenience! Most services are completed on the same day you schedule them. Imagine having clean and safe water running throughout your home today! You don’t have to wait any longer… Is today soon enough?

  1. Water Softening– Water softenining reduces the amount of hardness (calcium, magnesium) in your water which can cause limescale build up and dry and itchy skin. In this process, the hardness ions in your water are replaced by sodium or potassium ions.
  2. Water Conditioning– Water conditioning serves a combination of purposes, including filtration of harmful bacteria and water softening.
  3. Water Filtration– Water filtering is when matter is physically removed from the water and adheres to the surface of an absorbent medium. This is the technology used by carbon filters to filter water.
  4. Point-of-Use Drinking Water Systems– These systems deliver clean drinking water to a single tap in your home such as your kitchen sink or bathroom faucet.

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