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What Does Our Evanston Heating Contractor Want You to Know Before Installing a Furnace?

December 4, 2015

We’re now entering the time of year where if you have yet to install a furnace, then it’s time to meet an Evanston heating contractor and install one immediately. The temperature on the thermometer is trending downward and showing no signs of stopping. Snowfall will be here sooner than you think as well. If you’re not equipped with a highly-efficient furnace that can supply you with longer-lasting heat for the entire winter, you may experience a season full of cold, sleepless nights in your own home.

Precision has an Evanston heating contractor waiting in the wings this season to install a furnace in your home quickly so you’re not wasting a single winter’s day without heating. However, while furnace installation is urgent and necessary, it’s also important to take into consideration how a furnace will fit into your home. There are various furnace models of all shapes and sizes available on the market today, and you certainly don’t want to wind up with a furnace that can’t meet the heating demands of your household.

Things to Consider Before Installation

All too often, we see homeowners get too impatient in choosing a new furnace that they wind up with a model that doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of heating or simply can’t fit in the physical space of your home. If you’re looking to install furnace right now, take the following into consideration:

  • Know the Restricted Areas: Bedroom, bathrooms, and closet space cannot be outfitted to install a furnace either due to a lack of space or the fact that it’s potentially hazardous. If you are planning to install a furnace in your attic, there must be five feet of space between the floor and the ceiling with a 30 x 30 opening within 20 feet for the furnace’s installation to be made possible. Otherwise, your basement is always your best bet.
  • Ventilation: Your venting systems must be compliant with your furnace installation requirements and regulations. While an old venting system can still be compatible with your new furnace, it is required to be two square inches every 1000 BTU. Ask our Evanston heating contractor if you have any questions about any ductwork.
  • Consider Your Budget: Do you want that fancy new furnace model in your own home? Well, it may be nice, but it may also be something you won’t be able to afford. Budget, especially now that we’re in the midst of the holiday season, is highly important to consider when purchasing a new furnace. You need a furnace that can meet your heating demands that also won’t leave your wallet totally empty. It’s possible, but you must take finances into consideration!


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