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Woodridge Heating & Air: How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality?

October 29, 2015

While the weather outdoors may be rapidly changing, it’s still important to maintain a high sense of Woodridge heating & air in your home. Keeping your home comfortable during the fall and winter does not just stop at installing a furnace. Indoor air quality is also important if you want to stay warm without feeling congested by the air in your own home. Dry air is much more common in the fall and winter, and can wreak havoc on air quality as well.

Allow Precision to supply you with on how to improve indoor air quality. Our team of professionals know the ins and outs of Woodridge heating & air. They’re always dish out any advice that will keep you and your family safe and health in your home, and part of that is educating customers on how to get indoor air quality that keeps the fresh air flowing.

How Can You Improve Woodridge Heating & Air?

There are certainly many ways you can ensure improved indoor air quality in your home, but here are 4 of the most effective tips:

  1. Invest in a Humidifier:  Air humidity below 30% can lead to serious health consequences if consumed. A humidifier will keep your air humidity levels balanced and keep it easier to breathe. It also prevents skin irritation, bloody noses, and floor and furniture.
  2. Dust and Sweep Regularly: Household chores may seem undesirable, but make sure to dust and sweep all areas of your home at least once a week. Dust can often be a silent killer when it comes to indoor air quality. Any allergy sufferers in your home could be in jeopardy if you don’t dust thoroughly and often, so make sure sweep up every room in your home.
  3. Keep a Window Open: An over-reliance on your heating and cooling systems is a waste of power and can raise the costs of your energy bills. Opening windows in all rooms of your home will keep fresh air from the outdoors blowing into your home. That clean, crisp fall air is just waiting to enter your home and provide everyone in your home with refreshment!
  4. Don’t Rely on Chemical-Based Air Fresheners: Those commercials on the television may make it look nice, but commercial air fresheners contain chemicals that can be hazardous to breathe in after a long period of time. Rely on air fresheners that use essential oils to get a nice-smelling fragrance in your home without any of the added chemicals.

Contact Precision today if you want to learn more on how you can improve Woodridge heating & air. We’re always ready to give tips!